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    Bawumia Is Showing He’ll Be President For The People - Ofoe Teye

    The Chairman of Tema East NPP and a Manager at the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority, Nene Ofoe Teye-chu Agbadiagba IV, has said that Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia will be one of the most people-centered presidents ever if he is elected in December 2024.

    In an interview with journalists at the Green Cool Corner in Tema on Monday, Nene pointed out that the Vice President has already began engaging the people as a servant-leader.

    “Do you know that Dr. Bawumia is still collecting suggestions and opinions from the people to incorporate into his manifesto?” he asked. 

    According to Nene Agbadiagba, journalists and other public interest and accountability activists can even go on the Vice President’s official campaign website and check.

    “This is a man who has decided that his government will be guided not just by what the people need, but what the people say they need,” Nene said.

    A quick check on the official campaign website of Dr. Bawumia, show that indeed he has an open invitation for people to come up with suggestions for a manifesto that his campaign team is putting together.

    Under the ‘My Manifesto’ tab of the landing page of the website, the Vice President invites contributions and suggestions under the heading, ‘make your voice heard, not just your vote.’

    “MyManifesto gives you the opportunity to make your voice count in Ghana’s future. Your voice is as important as your vote.

    By submitting your idea, reporting a problem, and contributing to my manifesto development, you will play an active role in shaping political discourse and policy-making, thereby contributing to a more inclusive and participatory political process in Ghana.

    Share your idea and help shape our collective future together,” the public invitation reads.

    Nene Ofoe Teye-chu Agbadiagba IV urged the public to take advantage of the invitation and make their voices heard.

    “Dr. Bawumia is not coming to lord it over you, he is coming to serve you as a leader. I urge all Ghanaians to take advantage of this humility and make their voices heard, even now that he is still putting together his manifesto” Nene concluded.

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