You goofed, you should’ve rejected ‘SummerStage’ award – Wanlov to Shatta Wale

Ghanaian rapper Wanlov while applauding Wiyaala for rejecting her ‘SummerStage’ award for its backstage presentation, has said Shatta Wale should have done same.

He shared his thoughts on the controversial moment which took place at this year’s ‘SummerStage’ in New York City, via a video on Facebook on Sunday, 14 August, 2022.

“Even if the organisers told you [Shatta Wale, that] Wiyaala would take her award backstage, you should have refused your award and said, no, we’re both together from the same place and we’re trying to push our country forward together. We have to look out for each other so me too I won’t accept this award,” he charged.

“Wiyaala did very well not accepting the award,” he said before this.

To the rapper and producer, Wiyaala not collecting the award backstage was the right thing “because it was an insult.”

He referenced how in past times, people have mocked artists who received honours away from the audience’s view including instances at the BET awards.

Wanlov is of the opinion, much of the blame for the gaffe is not on the organisers but rather on Wiyaala’s country mate and co-headliner Shatta Wale.

“Forget about the organisers,” he ranted, lying down.

“If we have love and respect for each other in Ghana, you Shatta Wale after hearing the awards meant for you and Wiyaala were about to be presented while you were on stage, you’d look around and ask for the whereabouts of your sister. You two are carrying Ghana forward together,” he went on.

“You won’t even send for her but you’d go and look for her yourself. You wouldn’t ignore her, take the award, go your way and thereafter claim Ghanaians are united and that we need to work towards being supportive of each other,” he complained.

Wanlov the Kubolor was adamant in saying, “No matter what Shatta’s bodyguards [or team] did, I still blame Shatta Wale. I’m saying this because I won’t take an award knowing it’s meant for my sister and I, and not give mind to where she is.”

He insisted no matter what account is given of the happenings at ‘SummerStage’ 2022 regarding the citation presentation to Ghanaian singer Wiyaala, her mate Shatta Wale goofed.

“Even after he had heard Wiyaala’s award was presented behind the stage, his first action should have been returning his award and telling the organisers that it’s because they’ve insulted his sister,” he concluded before attending to the reactions of his viewers on the Facebook Live footage.

Wanlov’s group FOKN Bois and Ghanaian band Alostmen are currently on tour in Europe.

FOKN Bois are slated to entertain fans in Berlin on 24 August, 2022 and Lyon, France on 10 September, 2022.

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