Why the NPP youth wing should vote for a leader called to serve

Leadership is a call to service. But as Religious leadership is a call to serve God, Political leadership is a call to serve the people.

Undoubtedly, Religious and political leadership are not mutually exclusive, because whiles the former(Religious) is a call to serve God, the latter(Political) is a call to serve the people.

Therefore, just as Religious leaders who are not called to serve are bound to fail, it is not entirely different from political leadership.

Some years ago at the Tamale sports stadium,a call to serve as the link between the Muslims and the NPP was reposed in the hands of the indefatigable and affable KAMALDEEN ABDULAI as the national NASARA COORDINATOR, a position which was hitherto “unattractive” because of the false perception attributed to Muslims and Zongos as anti NPP.

But all too soon, all of that is now history,because of the demystification he brought to erase that erroneous and propagandrous impression,and thereby translated it into massive votes for the NPP.

It was a humbling and relishing opportunity but quite laborious,

taking into cognizance the enormity of the task ahead of him at the time in holding the fort for the ordinary Ghanaian Muslims who were bedevilled with innumerable challenges ranging from rising cost of living ,discrimination, instances of injustices,culture of mediocrity,disappointing governmental policies,

indiscipline, institutional
maladministration,impunity and above all the unfounded propaganda from the NDC among other challenges.

The journey for emancipation hasn’t been easy for him,but the Almighty Allah gave him that mandate to salvage his people from the quagmire of hopelessness,helplessness and bad governance of the NDC,just as he gave Prophet Musah (Moses) A.S, the powers to salvage the people of Bani Isra’il(Israel) from the claws of tyrannical rule of Firawn(Pharoah) to cross the red sea(Quran 26:67),gave him that powers to also save the good muslims of Ghana from deprivation, to some good policies like the Zongo development fund,a vibrant NASARA WING,the restoring of the allowances of Arabic clerics (teachers),Zongo Development Fund and just recently he advocated for the inclusion of TESCON Nasara coordinators to vote at Regional and National delegates conferences http://kessbenfm.com/kamal-deen-makes-case-for-tescon-nasara-coordinators-both-to-vote-in-upcoming-delegates-congresses/ and NEC approved it, a clear exhibition of his effective communication skills of tremendous support to NPP Youthwing by telling our story’ and getting authorities to act appropriately,and this laudle advocacy is trending like LPG wildfire on various media platforms and appreciated by the Youthwing.

Apart from being mostly overly convincing in analysis, shows substantial knowledge in political systems, elements of sociology, governance, policies and some economics.

Dear discerning delegates,From the above positive narratives,

If Experience, Loyalty, Proven Track-records,grassroot mobilization, Dedication to Duty as well as Competence are the virtues expected of a leader, then I can say without any shred of equivocation nor looking beyond my shoulders that he is a walking

personification of all of that and as such, would want to respectfully implore all and sundry,especially the delegates to throw their unflinching support for him as the next NPP National Youth organiser of our beloved NPP.

With capable hands,NPP Youth Wing will be more Vibrant to maintain power in 2020, however,this dream can be a reality with leadership that can hold the forth for its teeming Youths.

To this end, I respectfully implore you to offer your unwavering support in whatever form you can.

He need you now more than ever.
Let’s please support this good course so that together, we are able to hold the fort for the Youths.

Thank You
Akpe ka ka ka
A voice from an objective Youth Activist and Socio-political Commentator.

Hukash Muntari
NPP Youth Wing Chairman,
Krachi West.
Columnist: Hukash Muntari

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