Who’s Joey B? – How artistes who fail to win at VGMA are mocked

‘… I wanted to say this and then go back to walking my dog. Please, and please, this year if your favorite artiste(s) doesn’t win an award, do not mock/laugh at them. It’s super unnecessary. Let’s build and encourage ourselves,’ Joey B wrote humbly.

But he has, by this statement, taken charge of what action(s) we should or shouldn’t perform when our favorite artiste wins at the VGMAs.

‘Who’s he though?’ That’s possibly the question anyone would ask when a moral-ought is being invoked on them by another, regardless.

We’d rather choose how we ought to respond (when our favorite artiste wins) than have someone make that choice for us. The freedom of choice will take us to morality. Meanwhile, Joey B after establishing a moral-ought takes that freedom from us— something we’ll most definitely resist.

Written by: Rex Krampa

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