Who is wrong, president or journalist?

I have been caught in a state of bizarre concerning a trending issue found on the platforms of the gossipers of the town, the first gentleman of the land H.E Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has ordered the arrest of the chairman of the Ghana Football Association (GFA) for using his name to defraud investors under false pretense. Sources say, his arrest was in regards to a yet to be released video by Anas Aremeyaw Anas concerning top corrupt officials within the GFA and some politicians. I quite remember they said the video in question will be release on June 6, but my biggest question is that, why is it that the video is yet to be broadcasted and already someone is to be arrested because of the video­­?

I always tell people that Anas Aremeyaw Anas is one of the best investigative journalist in Ghana and the world at large, but this incidence of the first gentleman of our country calling for the arrest of someone pertaining that person using his name in a yet to be release video is what baffles me. And this therefore raises some questions in my mind. Many people might be of the opinion that there is no problem with the president watching the video before the public because it has always been a trend that the incumbent president of any administration watches the alleged corrupt videos before their release and the first gentleman of this land is not an exception because that is the decision of the investigative journalist Anas, and I have no authority to question that even though I have some issues with that, but on the contrary, none of the past presidents who watched such corrupt related videos never raised issues or better still were not alleged of being part of the scandals in the videos.

Secondly none of these presidents took immediate action against people captured in the videos except after the public had also watched them. If my pen will permit me to ask, what is always the motive of releasing the video to president first before the public, is it for the president to be aware or to take action? And again we should not forget if you give me a video about corruption and someone inside the video is using my name to facilitate his or her corrupt act especially when I am innocent, let’s be frank everyone in this situation will not hesitate to defend his name and I think the first gentleman of the land is also doing same as what everybody will do under his shoes. So I again ask a question, who is wrong here? Is it the journalist or the president? Given the video to the presidency or the president taken immediate actions?

But I see this to be unfair on the part of those caught in the video, because if you give the video to somebody whose name is mention in it, then you have to give equal opportunities to any person who have been captured in the video to also watch and start making preparations towards the release of the video notwithstanding the status of that individual because the first gentleman is not watching it as president now but rather as an individual whose name is mentioned in it and that is why he has taken action and not the presidency.

Now the biggest question is why should Anas release the video to someone whose name is mentioned in his video? This can be centered on two reasons. First, either to help the alleged person scrub or remove his name before the video is aired or for the person to prepare of whatever that is coming to happen to him. But is it actually good to give prior notice to those involved in the video? Why should they be given the chance to remove their name or make arrangements to defend themselves when the video in question is authentic and not doctored? In fact, my enthusiasm for the video has reduced drastically; I think the video has lost some credibility as we talk now. Justice4all.
Columnist: Suntaa Abudu Ibrahim

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