When you promote arts you support the stability of Ghana – Uncle Ebo Whyte

The Artistic Director and Lead Writer at Roverman Productions, James Ebo Whyte says the creative and entertainment sector contributes to the stability and security of the country.

“People must understand that when you promote the arts you are supporting the stability of the country and even security in the country,” he said on Joy FM’s Showbiz A-Z Saturday.

Mr Whyte noted that due to the Covid-19 pandemic, which took a significant toll on the arts industry in 2020, people “fed on” agitation from the political activities that took place as part of the electioneering campaign.

“When Covid-19 came and the creative industry was silenced, that is when we had agitation in the political sphere.

“People must understand that a lot of agitations we’ve had in the political space have come at time when the entertainment sector was silenced. When we had been stopped from performing. So people began to entertain themselves with agitation,” he said.

The Playwright, therefore, urged locally-owned companies to readily offer support to the creative sector.

Acknowledging that some of these businesses have also been badly impacted by the pandemic, Mr Whyte asked them to “squeeze” themselves a little to support arts and culture for the sake of social security.


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