We’ll expose NDC in “massive media showdown” – Eugene Boakye Antwi

Deputy Works and Housing Minister, Eugene Boakye Antwi, has warned of a “massive media showdown” that would implicate appointees of the erstwhile Mahama led-administration.

He says his outfit and other ministries after a thorough examination of contract documents have found ample evidence of financial malfeasance and crass corruption against some former government appointees.

“Very soon there’s going to be a massive media showdown in this country! We are going to expose how some former ministers and appointees dissipated the public purse. They call themselves social democrats, but they do worst things,” the Subin legislator fumed on Metro TV on Tuesday.

Sharing his thoughts on a wide range of issues, the deputy minister said lots of government contracts were awarded under the NDC in breach of the Procurement Act, which gives clear guidelines as to how public contracts are awarded.

But the NDC representative on the show, Edudzie Tamakloe disagreed with the minister’s claim, challenging him to produce evidence to back his allegations.

“We are tired of hearing these things from the NPP. They have the penchant of demonizing people in the court of public opinion only to proffer different charges when the individuals are sent to court,” the legal practitioner asserted.

He argues that it’s only a competent court that is in a position to pronounce the guilt of persons accused of any wrongdoing.

Edudzie Tamakloe was however quick to single out the Vice President, Mahamudu Bawumia for condemnation.

“Dr Bawumia appears to be the ring leader in this regard. He puts out half-truth and the rest of the NPP communicators also join the bandwagon,” he alleged.

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