“We won’t recognise Ghanaian doctors trained in war-hit Ukraine”

The Medical and Dental Council has encouraged Ghanaians studying medicine and dentistry in Ukraine to roll onto the government’s initiatives for them to continue their studies back home.

The Council says it is moving towards no longer recognising the degrees that come from the war-hit European country.

Ukraine is among the countries such as Cuba and Venezuela which have become attractive to Ghanaian youth seeking careers in the medical field.

However, graduate doctors have to be subsequently granted licences to practice in Ghana thereafter.

But in the wake of the war between Ukraine and Russia, some of the studies conducted in Ukraine have been converted online, a situation the Council says is ineffective for the nature of the medical and dental programmes.

Registrar for the Medical and Dental Council, Dr Divine Ndonbi Banyubala is not enthused about the development and says the Council will take action which he describes as unacceptable.

“We will not honour or recognise certificates acquired by trainees using the online training module,” he said on Joy FM.

The Government in May established a 13-member committee to come out with guidelines to help absorb them into Ghanaian universities to continue their studies.

The Committee has, according to the Registrar already received requests from interested students.

This committee has received requests from those willing and they have consequently submitted

However, September 16, was the final assessment date which means that the doors have been shut to students who did not participate.

“If you didn’t write the assessment test, then it is too late,” he said on Monday.

The Committee is constituted as follows: representatives of the Students Representative Council (SRC), Ministry of Education, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration, Ministry of Health, Ghana Tertiary Education Commission (GTEC), Medical and Dental Council, Ghana Scholarship Secretariat, Vice Chancellors of Medical Schools, the Rector of College of Physicians and Surgeons among others.

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