We need to adhere to Covid-19 protocols to help reduce cases – Presidential Advisor on Health

The Presidential Advisor on Health has called for stricter adherence to Covid-19 safety protocols as the country is experiencing a surge in active cases.

Speaking to Emefa Apawu on JoyNews’ The Probe on Sunday, Dr Anthony Nsiah Asare stated that it is important for all to observe the protocols to help defeat the virus while keeping families safe.

As at July 6, Ghana had recorded 1,982 active cases of coronavirus of which 23 were in a severe state and 11 others in critical condition, according to the Ghana Health Service website.

JoyNews/AdomNews · We need to adhere to Covid-19 protocols to help reduce cases – Presidential Advisor on Health
“What is fueling this is that we have all gone to sleep. Everybody is fatigued in following the protocols. So if we all wake up and follow the protocols, it will bring the numbers down that is the important thing it doesn’t matter the type of strain it is.

“So please, let us all follow the protocols, everybody if for nothing at all you wear your mask and then use sanitizers. If you are not forced to go to a place don’t go there,” he added.

He was contributing to discussions on The Probe regarding what may have triggered a possible third wave in the country.

The sharp increase in daily active cases has become a matter of concern for some health analysts who claim Ghana might soon be experiencing a third wave of the Covid-19 virus.

Meanwhile, 799 people have reportedly died from the virus.

He also revealed that the country will soon receive 1.2 million doses of Pfizer vaccine, adding that the Food and Drugs Authority has approved Pfizer for emergency use authorisation alongside four others.

“So far I am happy to also say that we have five vaccines which have received that FDA’s emergency use authorisation, we have added on over the last two weeks we’ve added the Pfizer and also Moderna to the list that we have, so now we have AstraZeneca, Sputnik V, we have Johnson and Johnson, Pfizer, and Moderna.

“I am also happy that Ghana will be receiving about 1.2 million-plus of Pfizer soon so that we can have our second deployment phase.

“We are working round the clock to get another few doses of AstraZeneca to be able to complete the first deployment phase we made of about 464,000 people to be vaccinated, and hopefully, we will get more from all the other sources that we have put in place.”

The Presidential health advisor further added that the Ghana Health Service and Health Ministry have invested and improved the co-chain system that exists in the country to ensure a smooth roll-in of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines.

“As I speak now we have ultra-cold freezers which can store these vaccines, luckily the drone distribution centers also have minus 80-degree fridges and they ate helping us top also distribute these vaccines to three rural areas.

“We can now receive Pfizer for distribution and we know that through the US government. Joe Biden has recently given African union about 10 million doses of Pfizer and five million doses of Johnson and Johnson.”


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