We need our Omanhene’s Palace – Akuapem residents

A fall out of the Chieftaincy dispute that has affected the cultural and spiritual lives of the people of Akuapem is the unwarranted and prolonged occupation of the Okuapehene’s Palace by the security agencies.

As far back as the 24th of January 2018, National Security agents stormed the Okuapehene’s Palace on the basis of unfounded rumours that a cache of arms had been stockpiled in the palace by one of the factions in the Chieftaincy dispute.

The false informants that led the dawn raid were never punished and the National Security still have a presence in the Okuapehene’s Palace.

As a follow up on the issues in Akropong Akuapem and recent Koforidua High Court judgements dismissing the injunction and contempt of Court,  a number of ordinary people in Akropong on the key effects of the chieftaincy dispute on the people and majority of the people are expressing  deep worry about how the destruction of the Okuapehene’s palace by the national security agencies and their continued occupation of the palace by security agencies is a worry to the people and an affront to the Chieftaincy and Culture of the people of Akuapem.

Majority of the people are  concerned  and angry that they have no access to their own palace especially when there is no evidence to support the allegation that the Okuapenhene’s palace is being used to stockpile arms. The people of Akropong openly express the sentiment that ,  “We need our palace because that has nothing to do with the dispute.”

Though there is no Chieftaincy dispute and no acts of violence have been reported in Akropong, the people are united in their position that the continued occupation of the Okuapehene’s palace by security agencies is an insult to the people of Akuapem, and this would not have been tolerated by any other people.

The people express concern that they do not have access to the Palace for the performance of their traditional rituals on days such as Awukudae and Akwasidae.

The people express the sentiment strongly that they have been denied access to their Palace to perform their traditional rituals and that can affect the people both physically and spiritually.

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