We are Waiting for Them at the Airport – Ghanaians Weep After a False Hope of a Victory Comeback

It all ended in tears for Ghanaians who followed the match between their country and Comoros. It was one tough match that will be remembered for the ages. It was like a roller coaster ride which finally ended in favor of Comoros.

The 4th minute brought the first goal for Comoros. That was an early lead. Andre Ayew got sent off right at the 25th minute to reduce Ghana to 10 against 11.

Comoros doubled their lead to make it 2 – 0 at the 61st minute. Ghana finally scored the third goal of the match at the 64th minute to make it 2 – 1.

Then the equalizer came at the 77th minute to make it 2 – 2 for Ghana. It was filled with hopes for Ghanaians as they were expecting a comeback for Ghana. There were so much optimism for every Ghanaian who watched the match.

At the 85th minute , all hopes were broken as Comoros scored their 3rd goal. It was the winning goal that sent Ghana parking. All hopes were lost as Ghana was knocked out from the AFCON.

Ghanaians were sad at the final result. Some even cried or wept. Someone said “We are waiting for them at the airport”. The black Stars are coming home without the trophy. Some thought there would be a victory comeback but there wasn’t.

By: Glorious Isaac

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