Voting in Adansi-Asokwa delays after K.T. Hammond rejects party register

Sammy Binfoh Darkwa is accusing K.T. Hammond, his fellow MP aspirant in the Adansi Asokwa constituency, of planning to use thugs to disrupt the election.

This was after Mr. Hammond, the incumbent MP, told one of his supporters to “go and get me the people from my house.”

The Electoral Commission officer had maintained that the electoral album for the voting would not be changed despite the MP’s protests.

Mr. Hammond allegedly prevented a delegate, who was first in line to cast his ballot, from voting as he tried to force a change in the electoral album.

Voting at the Adansi-Asokwa NPP party office polling centre eventually started after 10:15 am instead of 7 am.

As the voting process was about to begin, K.T. Hammond questioned the validity of the voters’ album as he insisted that a different list was supposed to be used for the process.

He had vowed not to allow the voting process to begin at the polling centre if the list being used by the election officials was not changed.

“Everyone knows what I am saying is true. The [National NPP office] is ringing. They are telling me what I say is true,” he said as he showed a list on his phone which he claimed was the actual album.

But responding to the MP, the District Election Officer for the area, Evelyn Korkor Katah, said “they [the national NPP] have not called me and I take orders from my Regional Director.”

She maintained that the album given them would be used for the process unless a different directive is given to her by the Ashanti Regional Electoral Commission.

Meanwhile, there is a heavy police presence at the place to help maintain order.


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