Vivian Jill denies ‘husband snatching’ allegations

Vivian Jill Lawrence has brushed aside rumors making rounds in the media that she snatched someone’s hubby in Canada.

The actress’ comment comes after reports went viral that she has allegedly snatched someone’s husband in Canada.
According to sources, the man also sold his house and used the funds to build a new one for the Ghanaian actress down town.

Speaking on the issue, the actress denied the allegation stating that she cannot bring herself to understand how people could fabricate such slanderous stories about her.

She further explained that, she has never travelled to Canada and is shocked where the fake news is coming from.
“Have the perpetrators of such falsehood actually seen us involved in such despicable acts? Where is the proof of what they write about us?

“They alleged that I have gone to snatch someone’s husband from Canada and the person sold his house in Canada to build a house for me in Ghana.

“Meanwhile, I have secured a Canadian Visa three times but have not been there before but someone sat down to write such a false story about me,” Vivian Jill lamented.

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