Video: Hungry NPP serial callers on strike

Hundreds of angry serial callers belonging to the governing NPP have taken to the streets over neglect by the party’s hierarchy.

The devotees of the ruling party have alleged that they have not received a dime from the party after they invested personal funds in the party by calling in to radio stations to respond to matters on behalf of the party for 8 years in opposition.

In a video, an angry member of the NPP communications team slammed government appointees in the Ashanti Region claiming that, they have failed to support the grassroots who risk their life defending the party on all fronts.

“The truth of the matter is that, we use our own money to buy call credit to call into radio programmes to talk on the party’s behalf, but since the NPP came to power, nobody has given us a dime to make up for these sacrifices.

“Akufo-Addo as an individual has done his bit by appointing most party executives and MPs as ministers but they have refused to support party foot soldiers,” an angry foot soldier bemoaned.

He slammed all appointees from Ashanti region asserting that they have disgraced the president.

He singled out Simon Osei Mensah, Ashanti Regional minister for criticisms, describing him as mean.

“Simon Osei Mensah is very mean. In my opinion, he’s not a leader. Can you imagine, he hasn’t even called us (serial callers and foot soldiers) to even engage us on party matters to find out our grievances? He is a disgrace to the party,” the angry serial caller fumed in a video recording by TV

He added, “Ask him when he convened a meeting for communicators in this region. If Akufo Addo retains Simon Osei Mensah for another year, I swear, the party will go into opposition. Even if you go to his office he will not even look at your face.

“Can you imagine after all communicators have travelled miles to RCC to deliberate on matters, this man gave us only GHc7.00? What do you want us to use to make calls with?

He however pleaded with the party ranks to heed to their calls and address their concerns as the job is not is not only stressful but risky.

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