Vicky Zugah Blasts Ghanaian Traders For Causing Economic Hardship

Actress Vicky Zugah has said Ghanaians, especially traders are major contributors to the current economic hardship bedevilling the country.

According to her, they are haphazardly increasing the prices of goods just to take advantage of the system.

In an Instagram post on Thursday, she described such behaviours as wicked and unfair.

She prayed those hoarding their goods to later sell at exorbitant prices run at a loss.

“Overpricing in Ghana is outrageous now.

Something I bought for 16 cedis on Friday is 40 cedis today WHY?!!!! Some Ghanaians are 99% of Ghana’s problems,” she wrote under a video she shared.

“Why are you people so wicked? Some people bought stuff at a cost of 5gh but you want to sell it at 20gh for a profit of 15gh. Why? Why are you so wicked,” she questioned in her video.

“Every-time prices of goods are increasing but salaries are the same. You don’t pity Ghanaians. If we are blaming it on the dollar, inflation and the economy, then you too are taking advantage. Why? Especially our mothers who sell! Those of us who drive a car it’s even worse,” she continued.

She said if you dare park your car in front of a shop to buy something, you get charged exorbitantly for the mere fact that you drive. “If you decide to send someone to walk and buy for you there is a different prize for that person,” she added.

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