US warns Ghana, others over Crypto con men

The United States has issued a warning to governments of six African countries including Ghana of the existence of two con artists duping unsuspecting citizens in those countries under the guise of cryptocurrency investment.

The other countries are Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, and DRC Congo.

The Head of the United States’ Cyber Crime Unit John P. Hooks said in the communiqué warning the six countries said: “I would like to inform the public especially in the following African countries and their government, Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana, DRC Congo that one Mr. Junior Capputti and Mr. Emerson Pires in the name of president and vice president respectively in one program that they call a company that is known as Mining Capital Coin {MCC}.

“The above mentioned names are con artists running a non-existence company to lure the public into investing their hard earned money in cryptocurrency market which they promise unrealistic ROI and other benefits.

“ Our intelligence have information that the named person in question have been for a long time working alongside a fugitive known as Mr. Danillo Santana the owner of D9 clube one of the deadliest organized scam of all time.

“ If you see them in your countries report to your nearest police station or call our hotline Interpol number below. +33472447163.”

This comes after the reported manhunt for the directors of a crypto-currency syndicate in Ghana who have allegedly swindled more than 3,000 people of their deposits by the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) of Ghana Police Service and Economic and Organised Crime Office (EOCO).

Operating under an unlicensed company name, the Global Coin Community Help (GCCH), a deposit-taking institution, the directors and owners are said to have absconded with more than GH¢4 million of depositors’ funds, state-owned Daily Graphic reported.

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  1. Is that all the US government can do for the Ghanaian or African governments that they care about them? Why can’t they tell African governments the truth about Aids and Ebola are biological weapons against the continent?

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