True Worshippers Dance Ministry Supports Mafi Dedukope D/A School

Mafi Dedukope D/A school in the Volta Region has received a massive boost in infrastructure development from a nonprofit organisation which double as a religious body.

Mafi Dedukope is a small village in the North Tongu district and has since been deprived of many social amenities and other infrastructural facilities.

Speaking to the media, the President of the organisation, Rev.Vincent Anowie “said
their attention was caught by the devastating nature of the kindergarten school structure during a visit to the community and how children’s lives were at risk.

He said the situation was very disheartening to see as the pupils were being deprived a classroom due to natural disaster and their only option was to sit and study under a tree in the open.

“It was key to know that whenever there was a down pour the kids are unable to continue with their studies when classes were in session”.

He further used the opportunity to call on all Ghanaians including the government officials to focus on developing the deprived communities and schools since they are also part of the nation and therefore need equal quality lives and environment.

The President, Mr Vicent Anowie said upon their surveillance it was envisaged that it has reduced the attendance of the students drastically and many had resorted to staying at home as a result of unavailability of a well-structured and conducive learning environment.

Having known how important, good and quality education is to the foundation and future of children, the team in consultation with the chief of the village quickly came to the aid of the community.

The group donated 70 bags of cement, 2 trips of sand, packs of assorted drinks, pack of bottle water, boxes of biscuit, candies, learning materials and an amount to the chief and elders of Mafi Dedukope for the construction of a new classroom block for the kids.

“The project was executed in line with the group’s flagship programmes on the theme “Save the village child’s education”.

The Chief of Mafi Dedukope, Torgbui Dedu IV, on behalf of the community expressed their profound gratitude and assured the entire organisation of putting the facility into good use after the execution of the project.

He took the opportunity to call on other philanthropic organisations,individuals,government officials and benevolent people to come to their aid since their community lacks a lot of amenities.

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