Theatre was very profitable at the height of Covid-19 – Latif Abubakar

Playwright Latif Abubakar, says theatre productions undertaken at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic proved profitable.

“We made more money and we did three virtual plays. It was very profitable. We promoted our plays through social media. We partnered with GTV, so it was also broadcast live on TV and then we did the same with the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Information because those were focused on educating people on Covid-19,” Mr Abubakar said.

Speaking on Joy FM’s Showbiz A-Z, Saturday, he explained that many people patronised the virtual shows that were broadcast across all platforms. Latif Abubakar attributed this to the fact that all other venues were closed.

Mr Abubakar explained that because his company, Globe Productions took advantage of the virtual space, they secured sponsorship from corporate bodies.

“Globe Productions, we were the first to move into virtual play and it went well. We did ‘Thank God for Idiots’ focused on Covid-19, and we had about 3.5 million views across board. Theatre was very profitable during Covid-19 because of the virtual space,” he told George Quaye, host of the show.

He stated that the cost of setting up that virtual production was low as compared to the normal production set-up.

The Globe Production CEO added that corporate entities wanted to invest in subsequent productions because of the reach the first play garnered.

JoyNews/AdomNews · Theatre was very profitable during Covid – Latif Abubakar
Aside ‘Thank God for Idiots’, Globe Productions staged ‘Judas and Delilah’ to intensify education concerning Ghana’s Covid-19 campaign with a major focus on stigmatization.

In partnership with the Information Ministry, the play sought to bring together top Ghanaian celebrities to join the campaign in fighting stigmatization of persons infected with the virus.

Latif Abubakar, who is expected to stage a new play ‘Something Must Kill A Man’ in collaboration with Joy Entertainment, in September, stated that he wants to expand his productions, thus there is a need to partner with brands that can help reach and engage the audience.

“We want to use platforms that will reach the majority of Ghanaians for them to really get to understand that there is something called theatre, which is entertaining, educating and relevant to our society,” he added.


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