Thank you Mr. Anas Aremeyaw Anas…

Mr. Anas Aremeyaw Anas, after showing your video to the great Regents of The Dagbon they were very happy and they ask me to send their greetings and praises to you. But on the contrary most of them asked me certain questions that I couldn’t answer on your behalf but I told them I will get back to them, they ask me where you came from and your ways and means you have using in getting these children of the smaller gods into your trap. So Mr Anas, I will be very happy to get these answers to my regents as soon as their greetings reach you. After watching Anas Aremeyaw Anas video on the corruption scandal on football, I thought we as Ghanaians have nothing to say rather than giving Anas thanks and praises for the good work done.

We as Ghanaians need to appreciate and give him praises for rescuing us from some of these corrupt people. One thing I know for sure is that, not all the corrupt people are captured in the video and by now some of them will sit at their comfort zones saying, Anas has not captured me in his video and that may be true anyway because we have not seen you in the video collecting money or any asset but let me also inform those who thought they have escaped Anas trap, NO! You have not escaped at all, the fact that you have escaped today doesn’t mean you have escaped forever or that makes you clean from corruption.

Today is for the corrupt football officials and mind you tomorrow may be your own; to me I think there is no need to play the ostrich here because we all know corruption is now the order of the day in most African countries, but thank God there is a savior of corruption now in our continent to always keep us on toes to reject corruption unlike those anti corrupt crusaders who only give long talks about how corruption is not good for Africa. This Anas expose will serve as a lesson to those who adhere to warnings but certainly others will still fall victims to this bribery and corruption no matter how many times their colleagues have been expose. You may think you are smart and intelligent that you can escape Anas but don’t forget, it is not about your smartness that will make you escape but rather how clean or anti corrupt you are, and sometimes nature also has its own ways of pinning down people who are not morally or social friendly, you may escape Anas today but nature in its own way will even expose you more than how Anas would have expose you.

I always tell myself, the reason why corruption cannot be eradicated from our continent is that, we as Africans don’t see corruption as our moral responsibility. Why because we are too attached to our moral responsibility so much that even at the darkest parts of our bedrooms we still stay moral without any physical watchdog. We always see corruption as a social responsibility that has nothing to do with God because the people that always involve in this corruption scandals are religious people, I mean Muslims and Christians who never skip their prayers, who never joke with paying of their tithes at the worship houses, they always try to help in the cause of their God but these same people will do anything possible just to make sure they take bribes from others in their offices or work places. Corruption is a cancer that must not be allowed to grow….

Suntaa Abudu Ibrahim…
Social Commentator….

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