Tension builds over missing pillars at Ghana-Togo-Burkina border

Residents of Bimpella in the Upper East Region live in constant fear of a likely clash with Burkinabe and Togolese natives over border lines.

The White Volta which separates Ghana, Togo and Burkina Faso and is depended on by farmers in these three countries is currently the bone of contention.

Boundary pillars which were erected to demarcate boundary lines are now missing as a result of farming activities.

“According to our parents, the river is in Ghana but now the Togolese are also saying that the river is theirs,” a resident told the reporter. “They are claiming that the place belongs to Togo and we also claiming that the place belongs to Ghana,” another farmer said.

Chief Executive Officer of Pusiga, Zubeiru Abdulai told reporters that the tensions heightened when Ghanaian authorities tried to extend electricity to some communities thought to be part of the country but were met by Togolese officials who claim to own the land there.

“Today nobody can tell us where the border is; it is now [a matter of] discretion…and the chiefs among themselves are not able to agree as to where the pillars are supposed to be,” Mr. Abdulai added.

The Upper REGIONAL Security Council (REGSEC) has commissioned both the Lands and Electoral Commissions to provide reports on the clear demarcations of the borders.

According to the Upper East Regional Minister, Paulina Tangoba Abayage, these reports will clear all doubts.

She further hinted that there have been random confrontations over the years which have been managed.

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