Tenant ejected by NDC landlord gets help

The Deputy Chief Executive for the State Housing Company Roni Nicol has donated an undisclosed amount of money to the mother of three who was kicked out of her residence by her landlord for refusing to vote for the National Democratic Congress(NDC) earlier reported that a lady called Evelyn Akosua was evicted from her house because she refused to change her mind on voting for the NDC.

Although Evelyn Akosua was seen in the video that went viral begging profusely, the landlord said he built the house with cash he made from the NDC and will not condone people who belong to the New Patriotic Party.

The story touched Deputy Chief Executive Roni Nicol who moved swiftly to the aid of Evelyn Akosua.

Evelyn explaining what caused the Landlord to evict her from the house with her three children said ” My son has just completed JSS. I told my landlord that I will vote for Nana so that he can go to school free. The last time he came to the house infuriated, asking me if I had changed my mind.When I said no, he proceeded to my room and just evicted me and my children”.

The Deputy Chief Executive for the State Housing Company Roni Nicol used the opportunity to donate an undisclosed amount to Evelyn for upkeep of her and her children and promised that something bigger will come her way in the coming days.

” This is just preliminary. We are planning something big. I was saddened by the callousness of the Landlord towards the children. Evelyn is going to get something gigantic and it will be announced in due course.

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