Telecom Chamber to support CMP

The Ghana Chamber of Telecommunications has stated that it will ensure the success of the Common Monitoring Platform (CMP) operated by Kelni-GVG, as long as it doesn’t compromise the privacy of its customers, and the security of its networks.

The Chamber has said that it would ensure that the  Common Monitoring Platform (CMP), operated under the Kelni-GVG would not compromise the security of networks  and not compromise the privacy of customers.

Kenneth Ashigbey, CEO of the chamber said that his outfit would assist in building a policy that conforms with the laws of Ghana, when he spoke to Citifm.

This follows possible announcement of sanctions by the Minister of Communication, Ursula Owusu-Ekuful to all telecom networks which fail to connect to the CMP.

It is expected that the CMP would aid government to monitor mobile money traffic, telecommunications traffic, revenue assurance, among others.

Mr Ashigbey stated that the Chamber would help government to prevent any loopholes in the aspect of revenue generation in the system.

“All our members are working to ensure that the common platform works. But we have concerns with the privacy of our customers being tampered with, as well as the security of our networks. The very law that gives the Minister the power to impose sanctions is the very law that also says that the connection has to be done in a particular way in order to comply with provision of the constitutions,” he said.

He added that members of the chamber were concerned with finding a solution that conforms with government’s objectives but would also satisfy the law.

He noted that, “if we are able to come up with a solution that obeys the law completely, we will do it. If they are able to do it on time that will be great, but if it will require more time I’m sure the National Communications Authority (NCA), who we are working with will go back to the Minister and tell her that, we are making progress but we aren’t done yet. What is key for us the chamber however is complying with the law.”

There have been suggestions that telcos are not pleased with the common platform monitoring system being implemented by Kelni GVG.

Some observers have also raised concerns about the privacy of callers’ data.

A lot of the criticism of the deal, which is costing Ghana $89 million, has come from think tank IMANI Africa.

But the Communications Ministry insists that these fears have been assuaged yet IMANI Africa sounded an alarm over the details of the deal and called for its immediate termination.


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