Student attempts to ‘rape’ sleeping female resident

A gentleman believed to be a resident of the Alexander Adum Kwapong Hall in the University of Ghana has been apprehended by hall authorities after he allegedly attempted to rape a lady (another resident) in the hall.

The incident is said to have happened around 11:50pm on Wednesday in the room of the lady, who, according to reports, was sleeping.

Some residents of the hall say they heard distress calls and rushed towards the source to offer help.

Having been able to foil the alleged attempt to rape the lady, a teeming crowd had gathered outside the room waiting to take up their pound of flesh with the culprit.

But for the timely intervention of hall authorities, the gentleman would have been mobbed by the highly incensed crowd.

While the exact identities of both the alleged victim and culprit are not immediately known, it is also unclear whether there were other roommates in the room at the time of the incident.


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