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Stop ‘unnecessary’ regional tours and address Ghanaians – Prof. Gyampo to Akufo-Addo

Political scientist, Professor Ransford Gyampo, has urged President Akufo-Addo to stop his ongoing regional tours and address citizens in the face of the prevailing economic crisis.

According to him, an address to Ghanaians will better relax the nerves of citizens amidst the hardship.

In an open letter on Facebook, the lecturer explained that due to the dire economic conditions, Ghanaians have become less receptive to him and therefore the need to publicly address the populace.

“At the moment, Sir, there is a cocktail of challenges brewing even in these times of hardships; namely, galloping and mentally retarded inflation, wanton depreciation of our currency, high transport fares, labour union strike action, GUTA Action, banks’ daily liquidity challenges etc.

“These are matters that raise serious national security concerns. Instead of coming into our homes to address us on what we must do as a people in rallying behind your government to sail us through the hardships, you are indulged in unnecessary opulent tour of the regions with too many V8 Land-cruisers”, Professor Gyampo noted in his letter on Monday.

In his letter, he also called on the President to embrace fresh ideas across the political divide to help rescue the ailing economy.

“Also, end the regional tours NOW and come and address the nation on what you are doing to address the current economic hardships as well as what all Ghanaians must do.

“Furthermore, please rethink the managers of our economy beyond your intransigent choice of loyalty over competence/national interest.

“Finally, kindly tone down your practice of winner-knows-all politics and bring on board others from your own party and experts outside your party to help navigate us through the hardships. For clearly, your government doesn’t know it all”, he concluded.

The advice from the political scientist comes in the face of the increasing hardship in the country and calls for the President to address citizens.

At the moment, Ghana’s currency is consistently depreciating against the US dollar and other major trading currencies across the globe.

This has led to what some have described as a galloping inflation; a situation consumers and traders say is having an adverse effect.

The President has therefore been urged to adopt a more sober posture in resolving these challenges.

Meanwhile, government says it is on the verge of finalising a deal with the IMF to lessen the hardship in the system and make the economy more viable.

If concluded, the agreement will help place the economy on a better footing, government communicators have repeatedly assured.

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