Stop “overhyping” BET – Fuse ODG

Ghanaian UK-based afro-pop singer, Fuse ODG, has urged music enthusiasts to support Ghana’s music instead of “overhyping” the Black Entertainment Television Award, BET.

The music icon’s remark comes after social media was set ablaze over failure of artistes earn nomination slots for this year’s BET awards.

Speaking in an interview on BelaGio on Starr Drive on Thursday, the Grammy award winner observed that winning a BET shouldn’t be the basis to measure one’s success as a musician.

“I don’t think BET should be the determinant of any musician’s success. Some of the greatest musicians of all time never received a single award in their life time. Bob Marley is one of such though the world recognises him as one of the greatest in history.

“I think we need to stop praising these platforms and start building our own platforms to reward our artistes.
“BET is not here and they don’t understand what goes on in Ghana; they are not real. They don’t respect Africa in the first place. They are not here to even help us build schools; or build our economy.

“The only time they celebrated Africa is when Black Panther movie projected African music worldwide. BET is not going to be the determinant of how influential Ghana music is or will be,” he fumed.

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