Stonebwoy is fake, not a real hustler

Before I put out what is in my heart, I wish to say this on record that “I have mad love for Shatta Wale, I have a crazy love for Stonebwoy”

These guys are working tirelessly to put Ghana out on the world’s music and entertainment map.

However, in my line of work, I have heard many folks particularly SM loyal fans describing Stonebwoy as fake, hypocrite and arrogant.

On countless occasions, I tried to defend Stonebwoy to which many have come to conclude that I am Bhim native, which isn’t the issue because I defend Shatta Wale equally. Hey, I’m not comparing the two musicians.

Just yesterday, I watched Stonebwoy’s interview on the ‘The Delay Show’ and Delay asked Stonebwoy a straightforward question whether he’s still with Zylofon or not.

She asked;
“Are you still working with Zylofon Media?”

Surprisingly, the ‘Tomorrow’singer couldn’t give a simple YES or NO answer.

Seriously, I was so shocked and just couldn’t apprehend why Stonebwoy couldn’t make his boss, Nana Appiah Mensah happy by answering that simple question.

Come on, who does that? Why is Stonebwoy finding it hard to promote the company he has agreed to work with.

Well, I have also drawn my personal conclusion and that is;

Stonebwoy is fake, not a real hustler like he wants us to believe. Stonebwoy must know that a real hustler is someone who appreciates the effort of others in his or her life.

Ever since Shatta Wale joined him on the label, Zylofon Media, Stonebwoy has never been himself and always acting funny. Why? Real hustlers don’t do that.
Columnist: Frederick Noamesi

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