SoNA silence on women worrying; why won’t Akufo-Addo appoint new Gender Minister? Gomashie asks

The Member of Parliament (MP) for Ketu South, Abla Dzifa Gomashie, has said the inability of the President’s State of the Nation Address to capture and address issues concerning women is an indication that no one is pushing the Ghanaian woman’s agenda in the Akufo-Addo-led government’s Cabinet.

Reacting to the omission of women from the State of the Nation Address, the Ketu South MP said: “It is not surprising that I didn’t hear anything about women in the State of the Nation Address because for the past almost a year, the minister that he has appointed has not been at desk”.

“Why would he not appoint someone else? Why would he not ensure that what has to be done in that ministry is done? I know there’s a supervising minister [but] it’s not the same as having a substantive in charge of that ministry and, so, I don’t think anybody is pushing the women agenda in Cabinet or in his administration”, the opposition MP said.

The Ketu South lawmaker also noted that the President prefers to receive accolades for being a champion of gender issues instead of putting it into practice.

“I think that tagging and having accolades showered on His Excellency as being a champion of gender is more important to the President than the reality of the situation”, she bemoaned.

“The decisions that he took to close down the borders and to ignore the disaster that happened in Ketu South is the reason why I’m speaking like this. Because if you know, most of the people whose trade involve crossing the border are women.”

“You come and give a state of the nation address that does not reflect the whole of Ghana but only a section, I’m disappointed.”


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