Snake slithers out of man’s cereal box, hides in dishwasher

A British man sitting down for breakfast received a fright when a snake slithered out of his cereal box and fled into his dishwasher.

The RSPCA said Animal Collection Officer Katie Hetherington responded Saturday morning to a home in Sheffield, Yorkshire, England, where a man reported a 3-foot snake had emerged from his box of cereal.

"I think he was expecting to have Cornflakes for breakfast -- not Cornsnakes!" Hetherington quipped. "The poor chap was absolutely terrified -- I think it was the last thing he expected to find in his kitchen!"

The snake was safely removed from the man's dishwasher and taken to a specialist center, the officer said.

The cereal-stowaway serpent was identified as a corn snake, a species native to North America but common in Britain as an exotic pet.

The RSPCA said the snake is suspected to be a runaway pet and officials are trying to find its owners.

"Corn snakes are one of the most commonly-kept exotic pets -- and they are particularly good at escaping!" said Nicola White, RSPCA senior scientific officer in wildlife.


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