Shortage of beds in hospitals an “archaic excuse”– Dr Anyah

Former Chief Executive Officer of the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital, Dr. Felix Anyah, has complained bitterly about the management of health facilities in the country.

Speaking on Joy News, Dr Anyah said, “It was yesterday that I saw Joy TV talking about this seventy-year-old man’s demise because there were no available beds in the hospitals he was sent to. In this century, that’s an archaic excuse, an unacceptable excuse, it’s sad.

“The ‘No Bed Syndrome’ can be solved at no cost, even to the government. Management of beds in our hospitals using software is one of the ways to monitor the use of the beds in a hospital.

“With the bed management system, the hospital will be aware of the number of beds available at each point in time by monitoring the number of people being admitted and discharged and the number of beds that will be available at each point in time,” Dr Anyah stressed.

He argued that hospitals had no excuse to turn away patients if they employ efficient bed management system.

Dr Anyah cited poor information management in hospitals as one of the reasons for the persisting challenges the sector is confronted with.
He said that when he was appointed as head of Korle-Bu, there was no form of database regarding how much money is accrued from services rendered and the number of patients who visit the facility daily.

He disclosed that “currently, Korle-Bu doesn’t know how much it earns in a day.”

Dr Anyah, however, attributed this to the lack of dynamic and collaborating policies from governing bodies.

He said that current policies are vague and difficult to work with. He went on to say that these vague policies are draining the hospital.

It was in this direction that he called for the restructuring of welfare system in hospitals across the country.

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