Shatta Wale fans in Ada furious as money he sprayed on them turned out to be fake

Shatta Wale has been called out for spraying fake cash on fans and using it to brag about how rich he is.

The dancehall king was in Ada-Foah over the weekend for a program and decided it was a good time to spray cash around.

Video of him shows Wale in his open-top vehicle spraying money for a mob of fans surrounding the car.

The cash flew everywhere and fans were falling over each other to collect it from the ground.

All that suffering was probably for nothing, a fan has blasted Shatta Wale for spraying fake money.

We have no idea if he was there or not but the gentleman is quite convinced Wale was spraying around fake cash.

He commented on the video of the ‘donation’ posted on social media.

He wrote: ‘Fake’! under the video.

Other fans called him out for being a hater and bitter against Shatta Wale.

“It’s ok, poverty can also make you hate,” another fan fired back.

Unless someone from the venue comes out to give Wale their full support you can’t trust anything any Ghanaian celeb does.

They are masters of doing fake things for clout.

Other fans expressed concern over Wale having a crowd following him during this corona period.

“This is stupid and reckless,” one fan fired out at Wale.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com

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