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Sex education is a ‘worthy cause and I am proud of it’ – Akumaa Mama Zimbi tells critics

Renowned media person, Joyce Dongotey-Padi, better known as Akumaa Mama Zimbi, has said she is unfazed by the negative names she is being tagged.

Owing to her sex education television programme on Adom TV, Akumaa has been misrepresented by many to be a profane person.

Rather than taking offence to such, she disclosed in an interview on Ahosepe Xtra that she is not bothered, but proud to pioneer the worthy sex cause.

“I am the first lady presenter on radio to bring sex education in the year 2000. The Dangbe beautiful woman to begin sex education. It is okay. I am not bothered. It is a worthy cause and I am proud of it. I am happy to have begun something other stations have copied to enlighten women.”

Looking back 22 years ago when she first aired her programme now known as Odo Ahomaso, the sex therapist said she was bombarded with negativity.

According to her, despite being a married woman with children, citizens picture her to be a spoilt woman, which she confirmed she is.

She was quick to add that she is spoilt, but only for the right person, her husband.

Unlike the ‘sex addict’ Akumaa is perceived to be, she said she is a very private person who barely gets intimate.

“My life on set differs from my personal life. I am originally a very quiet person. When it comes to bedroom matters, I teach it everyday but I don’t do it everyday. I have the license for it, but that doesn’t mean I am being pounded everyday. I teach it for women to take control in the bedroom,” she explained.

Akumaa disclosed she is not a hypocrite who enjoys backdoor and paints a holier-than-thou attitude to the public.


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