Security analyst suspects Chinese state may be backing Aisha Huang

President of the Institute for Security, Disaster and Emergency studies, Dr Ismael Norman, has underscored the need for Ghana to approach the raging issue of Aisha Huang’s involvement in illegal mining with a national security and intelligence perspective.

Aisha, who is now standing trial in Ghana for standing trial for engaging in mining without a license and engaging in the sale and purchase of minerals without a permit, successfully avoided prosecution in 2018 when she was also arrested.

Dr Norman suspects the galamsey queen “might have the backing of the Chinese State.”

He called for “a critical look into illegal mining with a national security and intelligence perspective.”

Since Aisha Huang was arrested earlier in September, there have been several claims about how she left the country in 2018 and when she re-entered.

Despite the government providing evidence of a repatriation notice and the Information Minister, Kojo Oppong Nkrumah, saying she was repatriated, the prosecutors in court on Wednesday stated that Aisha Huang sneaked out of Ghana after her arrest in 2017.

The initial report on the case was that she had been deported in 2018 after filing a nolle prosequi to discontinue an earlier case against her.

It also emerged that Aisha Huang in the wake of her re-arrest over illegal mining activities in the country despite her deportation was found to be in possession of a Ghana Card bearing the name Huang En.

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