Scientists preventing me from discovering HIV/AIDS cure – COA FS CEO

The Chief Executive Officer of the Awareness Healthcare Centre in Ghana, Dr Samuel Ato Duncan, has revealed that some influential people in the country and some Scientists want him dead for his efforts in discovering a cure for HIV/AIDS.

He added that influential people in Ghana and some Scientists worldwide have made several futile attempts on his life since 2007.

“I have received a lot of threats, many many threats to stay away from producing drugs to cure HIV/AIDS,” he said during a media encounter at Wusorkrom at his production centre.

He also expressed his frustration at attempts to prevent him from saving the world from the deadly disease which has no cure.

“To me, there should be cure. Whether we like it or not finally we should say there is cure for HIV/AIDS, That is the bold step we want to take. Even if we are killed we’ll leave this legacy and make sure that people continue this battle till they get cure for HIV. Whether I live or not there should be cure for HIV,” he added.


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