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Sarkodie, keep Kumasi ‘out of your mouth’ – DJ Slim reacts

Ghanaian DJ Kwaku Slim has chastised rapper Sarkodie for feeding into the stereotype that people from Kumasi cannot speak or understand the English language.

DJ Slim addressed this issue on Showbiz 927, hosted by Caleb Nii Boye. He mentioned how Sarkodie could have talked about navigating the music business by dragging Kumasi in the mud.

“I saw it when Portfolio shared it. He shared it first, and I followed up to watch the full discussion. I do understand Sarkodie to a certain point. What he was trying to say, his message would have actually been carried across perfectly without mentioning Kumasi.”

According to DJ Slim, Sarkodie should have been sensitive enough not to have used Kumasi to explain his point, especially as he, as an indigene, is aware of the stereotype.

“All jokes aside, Sarkodie, you are from Kumasi. But you are not indigenous as those still residing in Kumasi. And you know the stereotype that people from Kumasi cannot speak/understand English. Are you trying to tell us that we do not understand the Joe Boys songs we play?”

Leveraging his experience in the entertainment industry as a disc jockey for over 15 years, DJ Slim slammed the perception that Kumasi does not enjoy songs in the English language.

He opined that Sarkodie was right about the challenge of whether to make commercial songs for the international market or stay local and please his fanbase here. But still maintained that Sarkodie could have explained himself better without subtly insulting Ghanaians.

“I like Sarkodie’s art, but some of his utterances are someway. We in Kumasi understand English 100%. But we just chose to speak the language we want,” DJ Slim continued. “If he is confused as an artiste and what to do to get there…. Please take Kumasi out of your submissions, Oga. People from there are not shallow.”

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