Salah’s injury was punishment from God – Islamic preacher

Mohamed Salah’s injury in the Champions League final was punishment from God for breaking his Ramadan fast, an Islamic preacher has claimed.

The Liverpool forward was forced out of European football’s showpiece event last weekend just 30 minutes into the game.

A tussle with Real Madrid defender Sergio Ramos left the Egyptian with an injured shoulder, which could rule him out of the World Cup in Russia this summer.

Salah initially claimed that he was going to continue fasting in the build-up to the Champions League final.

But a club physiotherapist confirmed that he would change his plans after speaking to the club nutriotionist.
Muslim’s are allowed to break their fasting for travel purposes.

But Kuwaiti preacher Mubarak al-Bathali says Salah sinned by breaking his fast for the match, rather than the journey from Britain to Ukraine, which was “not a legitimate excuse”.

“God punished him,” he wrote on Twitter.

He continued: “Do not think the Muslim believes that life is managed by reason and effort, but life is the hand of God comes to whom he will, whether hard or not diligent.
“Perhaps [the injury] is good for you.”

Al-Bathali also claimed that Salah was a “virtuous, good and respected man” was is a great ambassador for Muslims.

“Do not grieve, the door of repentance is open,” he said.

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