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SA gov’t directs foreign nationals to regularise stay

The South African government has assured all foreign nationals in the country of its protection against attacks.

This follows indications by various groups in South Africa to launch an attack on foreign nationals residing in the country.

The Cabinet of South Africa has, however, condemned the recent threats of violence targeting foreign nationals in the country.

Addressing the media, the Minister in Presidency noted that the cabinet has welcomed the speedy intervention by law enforcement agencies, which has led to the maintenance of calm, law and order.

The South African government has assured that all foreign nationals who are in South Africa will be protected.

The South African government has also appealed to all foreign nationals to regularise their stay and ensure that they are documented.

Meanwhile, the Ghana High Commission in Pretoria, has cautioned Ghanaians living in South Africa on the incessant increase in protests against the presence of foreigners in the country by various organised groups.

A statement issued on Tuesday, 6 September, 2022, by the High Commission stressed the intention of individual groups in South Africa who have indicated plans to launch an attack on foreigners.

“In the last month, individuals claiming to represent various groups against the presence of foreigners have announced or broadcast plans to attack, rusticate or remove foreigners from their jobs or workplaces and even out of the country from the beginning of September 2022,” the statement said.

It cautioned that “such activities by individuals or groups could degenerate into violence aimed at foreigners, or threaten their lives, safety and livelihood.”

It, therefore, advised Ghanaians resident in the country “to be vigilant to any such incidents, restrict their movement to safe areas, avoid mass gatherings and refrain from engaging in activities that could result in conflict, brawls or deterioration in their safety.”

The High Commission also urged members of the Ghanaian community to contact the mission “in case of emergency or any attacks” via telephone.

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