Rioting police, soldiers will be punished – Minister

Salifu Saeed, Northern Regional Minister, has indicated that defaulting police and military personnel who clashed in Tamale in the Northern Region would be disciplined after investigations are completed.

The minister, who termed the situation as unfortunate, disclosed that the National Security and Defense Ministry have convened a meeting in the north to get to the bottom of the matter.

“After culprits of the despicable act are identified, they will be severely punished to deter other security personnel from repeating such act which culminates a gross display of misconduct.

“The two security agencies are the main institutions people run to in times of problems bothering on safety; so if they display such acts in the full glare of the public, how do they expect citizens to view them as the symbol of authority in the protection of lives and property,” he bemoaned.

Speaking in a phone interview with Okay FM on Thursday, Mr Saeed revealed that he was attending the meeting to probe the matter to fish out culprits in the scuffle and decide on disciplinary actions to take on them.

He however assured that the town has returned to normalcy and people are going about their normal duties.

Quizzed on rumours that Wednesday’s clashes were a reprisal attack from similar occurrence in February, he explained that the cause of the riots in both cases were not related, but admitted that two bloody attacks between security teams in five months is worrying.

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