Remember govt in prayers – Akatsi North NPP Chairman tells Ghanaians

The Akatsi North Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Mr. Godfred Root Kudalor has urged the public to remember the government in prayers as they find lasting ways to end the economic crisis being faced by the country.

He noted that some countries even have worst challenges than what Ghana is currently going through yet they are able to help their governments manage the situations without making a mockery of such governments.

Mr Kudalor made the comments during the sod-cutting ceremony of the Akatsi North NPP Office Complex in Ave Dakpa in the Akatsi North District of the Volta Region.

Mr. Kudalor noted that blaming government always for the economic woes of the country would not in any way solve the issues because “no government would intentionally want its people to go through financial crisis just for the fun of it.”

“Ghana is not the only country facing economic crisis. Other developing countries such as UK and USA even face the worst of what we are currently facing but yet the citizens are rather helping their governments to help solve or rectify the situations instead of blaming their leaders for everything,” Mr. Kudalor said.

He urged Ghanaians especially, the people of the Volta Region to rather support the government no matter how little, in order to help solve the issues.

On land acquisition for the office complex, Mr. Kudalor noted that it has been very difficult for them to find a parcel of land for the construction of the Constituency office because the landlords in the area have been warned not to sell or release lands for the NPP in the Akatsi North Constituency; a situation which he said is very worrying and frustrating.

“Again, landlords are warned not to rent out office premises to the NPP. This has been headache to all members as well as this crop of constituency executives,’’ Mr Kudalor said.

He noted that with a collective effort, the NPP in the Akatsi North Constituency would be able to complete the edifice on time and for the development of the area.

“I believe that through our collective efforts, this edifice could be completed and be ready for use by the end of the year,” Mr Kudalor said.

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