Rastas won’t hijack MUSIGA under me – Ras Caleb

The Greater Accra Regional Chairman of the Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA), Ras Caleb Appiah, has promised not to turn the union into a Rastafarian Association if given the nod as the new MUSIGA president in the 2019 elections.

This year is an election year for MUSIGA and the race to replace Bice Osei Kuffour, also known as Obuor, is getting competitive.

Some notable members of the organisation have started filling for the position.

It has been alleged in some quarters that Ras Caleb, a dread-locked Rastafarian, will turn the union into a cult for rastas should he get elected as the president of MUSIGA.

Speaking on his campaign tour in the Upper East Region on Saturday, 25 May 2019, Ras Caleb said his locks will not affect how he runs the union.

Citing the current president of MUSIGA as an example, Ras Caleb said Obuor is wearing dreadlocks but has not transformed the union into a Rastafarian association.

“Obour is carrying dreadlocks but has he turned the union into a Rastafarian association? Many people are worried about me, the Rastaman turning MUSIGA into a Rastafarian association, but I’ll like people to know that I’m a Nazarene, that’s why I am carrying my locks; I’m a Christian of Rastafarian faith, MUSIGA has had a highlife musician who is also a Rastafarian, did he turn the union into a Rastafarian association? No! A traditional musician, gospel musician and a hip-life musician have been the president of the union, so, why don’t they want a reggae musician to also lead?” Ras Caleb quizzed.

Ras Caleb, who has promised to ensure the welfare of musicians if elected, urged the union members not to pay heed to those who say he will turn the union into a Rastafarian association.

“If I cut my hair and become bald, is that going to change my character, no! I’m coming as a servant leading his people to prosperity, seeking their welfare, this is what they should think about. Go and cut down all the trees and see whether it can bear fruit for you, my hair is my strength, my hair is my faith, my hair protects me, it doesn’t make me go wayward… I won’t turn the union into a Rastafarian association, there are many religious beliefs in the union, so, why do they fear the Rastaman? They shouldn’t fear, I’m here to lead musicians and not Rastafarians.”

Ras Caleb will be competing with veteran highlife singer Bessa Simons for the MUSIGA presidency.

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