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Ras Mubarak rides bike to Parliament

Member of Parliament (MP) for Kumbungu, today (Tusday) rode a bicycle to Parliament House to register his protest against the unbearable living conditions in the country.

Wearing a pair of trousers, a reflector on top of a shirt, a helmet and a pair of trainers, the legislator rode on a 17 kilometre road from his residence in Accra to Parliament. (Location of residence reserved for security reason).

Mr Mubarak told the Daily Graphic that he decided to ride the bike to highlight the sufferings that many Ghanaians were going through.

He mentioned increasing cost of fuel which had increased the costs of goods and services and laying of workers as some of the sufferings that people were experiencing.

He said the people did not have a voice, and as an elected official, he felt duty bound to raise awareness about the suffering of the masses.

Mr Mubarak said he would ride the bike back home, and indicated that he would ride more often to Parliament from now onwards.

He said aside the message that the riding of a bicycle put across, it had health benefits.

Mr Mubarak said some of his colleagues had indicated that they would also follow the example to also ride bicycles to Parliament.

He urged other politicians to also join the campaign of riding bicycles to Parliament, and asked the government to be listen to the cries of the people.

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