Rap battle round 1: Medikal vs Strongman, who won?

The world of rap since Friday morning has been on fire with two young acts – Medikal and Strongman – fighting each other with punchlines that have raised the bar for rappers in Ghana.

First off, no one imagined a beef will start so soon after the fracas at Vodafone Ghana Music Awards, but here we are.

For those left behind in this battle of words, join the science club because we are going to dissect the problem like they do to a frog in the lab.

Welcome my people to this wonderful lesson of ‘beef’ sponsored by the rap artistes Kwesi Arthur, Medikal and Strongman.

Let’s go!

On Friday, Twitter was madly in love with Ground Up Chale’s artiste, Kwesi Arthur. Why?

Because the young man raised his standard in their eyes. In April 2019 when LFNKII dropped, it trended the whole day because they were impressed with him.

Impressed turned to overwhelm after “Thoughts from King Arthur 4 (New York State Of Mind)” was released.

A section of the public thought he took a hit at VGMA Rapper of the Year Medikal when he said “Laugh at their demeanour ‘cos I know they hate to see me. Rapper of the year, don’t be silly I sing when I want, hits come easy.”

To be honest, he did like most rappers do when talking about their struggles and success. Kwesi took a shot at haters, shrugged off fake friends and urged on real friends.

So, since it is uncertain which of the categories Medikal belongs to, Kwesi may or may have not have dissed him.

Listen to Thoughts From King Arthur 4:

But Medikal obviously took it to heart and dropped “To Whom It May Concern” taking a jab at some rappers including Pappy Kojo, Strongman and Kwesi Arthur.

With an already brewing tension – as a result of Strongman’s assertions about Medikal comments on saving GH rap – To Whom It May Concern hit hard at Strongman.

With lines like “these yesterday rappers dey bore me, I for charge for features whenever they call me. Just because I live in one house with the kids those not mean them be homies, draw the line… You claim hot emcee but you still order uber,” flying all over, egos were certainly on the high.

Listen to ‘To Whom It May Concern’:

Medikal enjoyed praise from fans and lovers of rap music who thought he did great with the bars he dropped while others turned their nose up at it because they felt that some “nasty” words he spewed made it not worthy of their praise.

So, for many, the raging fire in King Arthur could not be doused by the soaked sands in ‘To Whom It May Concern’, Medikal needed something more.

Before he could recover or swim in the praises of fans, Strongman came hard at him and in someone’s words “Dracarys [fire] everywhere”.

He began his track ‘Don’t Try’ by laughing possibly at the guts he thought Medikal had to call him out on his track.

Few minutes after Don’t Try dropped, it started trending at number one and Strongman followed at number two dragging down Medikal and his song to follow at three and four respectively.

Strongman tasked Medikal to subtract his alleged fraud money from his real money, the change, he said, won’t buy him a bicycle.

He added that although Medikal claims to own a Mercedes Benz, he is on the bench when it comes to rap music.

The line “you intentionally dissed me so that when I reply you will sit down and learn or Too Risky and Omo Ada hit because of girls (Sister Derby and Fella Makafui)” may have been the last draw for Medikal.

Listen to ‘Don’t Try’

His ego was certainly bruised. His reign on twitter was gone, Strongman was being showered with praises like money is rained on brides at weddings and Kwesi Arthur was untouched by his bars.

Just like Sarkodie tweeted, “Rapper Ego… the most loyal emotion of an Emcee,” the rap battle turned bloody as more cows kept getting killed for beef to flow.

With a bruised ego and unwilling to accept defeat – as many people on social media called it – Medikal rushed into the studio to produce Last Burial and promised to drop at 10 pm on Saturday.

He claimed it was going to be the funeral of Strongman.

But was it? The verdict on social media and from his fans suggests it was not.

Honestly, he was creative with the beat, beginning with a funeral tune and following it up with a sample of Sarkodie’s ‘Pizza and Burger’ beat.

Because Strongman was signed to Sarkcess music, Sarkodie’s label, they are seen as father and son, hence Medikal in his track began by seeking permission from Sarkodie to “lash” Strongman.

However, his lyrics turned even his fans off.

He trolled Strongman for being poor, reigned insults on him – calling Strongman his poop, a fool and insulting his facial hair. Medikal dragged in Strongman’s alleged girlfriend Nana Ama which to man, including TV host Nana Aba Anamoah, was uncalled for.

A fan on YouTube wrote, “Medikal you are a good rapper… Stay away from bad lyrics… Let’s enjoy clean beef.”

Listen to Last Burial

But unfortunately, the bad lyrics were already out for the world to see and Strongman was not having it.

Immediately hitting the studio, he promised Ghanaians ‘Immortal’ on Sunday morning at 10 am.

Interesting choice of title!

It may be to suggest that even with the burial he cannot die let alone be buried, why because he is immortal.

He took to Twitter to say he wanted to come clean with his beef but not anymore.

Some Ghanaians were eagerly waiting for the reply while others were scared of what Strongman could do.

A few months back there was a meme running around, a Hindi police officer shouted at a civilian who may have possible ticked him off “Don’t angry me” and that was Strongman’s intro. An indication he was not calm but a promise of something bigger and better.

After ‘Immortal’ Ghanaians were wondering if Medikal should have gone for the lessons after all.

Although his girlfriend Nana Ama’s reputation was dragged into the mud, Strongman in his bars said he adores her. And if he compares Nana Ama to others, she has a virgin – a shot fired at Fella Makafui.

He compared Sister Derby, Medikal’s ex, to Jollof rice explaining even if the leftover is not nice, it is difficult to leave some when eating, “who leaves Sister Derby for Fella”.

Listen to Immortal:

TV show host Nana Aba Anamoah conducted a poll, for an hour and with 12,397 votes, Immortal was leading with 80%, Last burial had 14%.

Strongman and Medikal

We can always praise them for one thing – the titles and creative genius that come with the beats.

With To Whom It May Concern, the one it concerns replied with Don’t Try then a rebuttal ‘Last burial’ came through but then Strongman says even if you bury me I’m ‘Immortal’.

Strongman and Medikal

At the beginning of this weekend, was three rappers enjoying their space in the rap world but on judgement day was two artistes whose fate depended, suddenly, on one the next release of his rival.

Medikal has again promised to release Drip a title that has no correlation with the first three. So is he possibly trying to start a Round Two?

Strongman is also dropping ‘Up and Downs’ at 10 pm for this supposed round two.

After this dissection, are you for team A – those hoping that Medikal will redeem himself? Or for team B – those that feel he does not need to redeem himself, he is in a comfortable lead and ‘Drip’ is just the icing on the cake.

On Shatta Wale’s polls, people have already chosen a winner for the first round but are they ready for the second?

Strongman and Medikal

So far trending at number one on Youtube is ‘Don’t Try followed by ‘To Whom It May Concern’ and at number three is ‘Thoughts From King Arthur, the song that may have triggered the battle.




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