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    Christian Atsu disciplined Kwame A Plus in a text message, A Plus releases whatsApp chats

    A Plus had earlier posted some photos of his meetings with the former black stars player who passed on in the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that hit Hatay in Turkey.

    He revealed in the WhatsApp message that Christian Atsu was a disciplinarian aside from his honourable and generous gestures.

    Christian Atsu left a meeting where he expected Kwame A Plus to arrive on time. In the message, Atsu told him that he would have waited a few more hours if it was a regular person.

    A Plus stated in his post that he has now changed, but this is one of the marks Atsu left on him before his saddening demise.

    Watch the post about Christian Atsu below:

    Netizens reacted to the message from Christian Atsu:

    tommie. Commented:

    Leaders don’t joke… u are a leader so lead by example… strait… no disrespect… I love ppl like this…. “U not a normal person” much is expected from u…

    e.l.n1no commented:

    Wow, that was a powerful message, firm and nice at the same time

    hafiz.hamida commented:


    May the Almighty Allah grant him Jannatul. Fridous Ameeeen thumma Ameeeen what a kind soul.


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