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    Your cowardice has been exposed – NDC slams GAF on ‘biased’ remark over call on attack of soldiers

    The National Democratic Congress (NDC) has strongly condemned the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) for their response to a viral video involving Ernest Frimpong, a New Patriotic Party (NPP) parliamentary hopeful, inciting attacks against soldiers patrolling illegal mining sites.

    The controversy erupted after a video surfaced showing Frimpong advising individuals, believed to be illegal miners, to resist military officers. Following the video’s release, a soldier was reportedly attacked, raising concerns about the security and stability of such patrols.

    In its response, the GAF issued a statement urging the public to refrain from attacking soldiers. However, the NDC found this response insufficient, expecting a more direct condemnation of Frimpong’s actions. The party’s press release questioned the integrity of the GAF, suggesting that its stance may have been influenced by political affiliations.

    “Unless the GAF, once the most disciplined and revered institution in Ghana, has become compromised along political lines, one wonders why Brigadier General E. Aggrey-Quashie (Director General, Public Relations) would conceal the detail of calling out the person(s) in the viral video and warning them directly instead of displaying cowardice by cautioning the general public,” the NDC stated.

    The NDC warned that the Armed Forces risk losing public respect and could endanger the nation’s security if such incidents continue unchecked.

    The party emphasized the need for the GAF to address threats at their source and report them to relevant authorities, such as the police, to prevent tragedies like the Major Mahama incident.

    “Rather than spending time cautioning the general public in your five-paragraph release on information they already know, be bold, confident, courageous, and assertively stern in calling out and cautioning Mr. Ernest Frimpong. He called for the attacks on your men, not the general public,” the NDC added.

    The party also urged the GAF to demonstrate its commitment to the rule of law by lodging a formal report with the police if it has not already done so.

    With the upcoming elections, the NDC stressed the importance of addressing such red flags to prevent civilian-military confrontations and promote peace and unity.

    In response to the controversy, Ernest Frimpong retracted his comments, asserting that they were taken out of context. He admitted to being the person in the video but denied engaging with illegal miners, claiming he was addressing miners within the community.

    The GAF, in its statement, reiterated that calls to attack soldiers are unlawful and pose significant risks to security. The release also highlighted that soldiers have the right to self-defense, warning that those who choose to attack military personnel may end up harming themselves.


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