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    120 containers of Malaria & TB meds freely donated to Ghana left to rot

    More than 120 containers of free Malaria and Tuberculosis medications donated by Global fund to Ghana has been left to rot at the Tema Port for many months.

    The total containers were more than this figure but the government only managed to pay to only clear the medications covering HIV/AIDS leaving the needed medications for Malaria and TB to rot.

    In April The Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) helped clear 14 out of the 182 containers of medical shipments from the Global Fund stucked at the ports.

    These medications were freely donated to help Ghana mitigate HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis.

    The containers of health commodities, comprise containers of antiretroviral medications for HIV patients, malaria and TB rapid diagnostic tests, container of Malaria TB injection, containers of anti retroviral medicine and mosquito nets were delivered to Ghana free.

    The goods were being detained and rotting at the Tema port due to non-payment of third-party fees.

    Two months ago government formed a committee to address the delay in clearing the goods. The committee include the Ministry of Finance, the Ghana Revenue Authority, Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority, and the Ministry of Health.


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