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    Dishonourable AG cannot spin himself out of this hole – Sammy Gyamfi

    Communications Director for the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Sammy Gyamfi has told Ghanaians not to believe stories planted in the media by the Attorney General.

    According to him, the opposition NDC has evidence of the Attorney General breaching Rule 13 of the Law Practice.

    He was shocked that the Attorney General would throw a Judge of the Supreme Court under the bus just to save his skin.

    Sammy Gyamfi has promised an explosive expose which will tell the world how manipulative the Attorney General is.

    It will be remembered that Richard Jakpa while in court disclosed that the Attorney General had met with him to implicate Cassiel Ato Forson in the ongoing Ambulance case.

    He indicated that he has evidence to the effect and will release it if he was pushed to the wall.

    Read His Post Below
    Folks, just as I predicted earlier, the dishonorable AG and his NPP media surrogates have started planting stories in the media, ostensibly to preempt and obfuscate the damning evidence the NDC intends to put out this week about the AG’s unprofessional and criminal conduct in the Ato Forson trial.

    In their indecent haste to deceive the public, they have planted online stories that worsen the case of the dishonorable AG. See http://opr.news/3c4bce69240526en_gh?link=1&client=news

    After reading one of the planted stories, I find it necessary to highlight the following preliminary issues:

    1. Firstly, the dishonorable AG and his NPP media surrogates have admitted that the NDC indeed has a secret recording of the AG and the 3rd Accused, Mr. Richard Jakpa. This is contrary to their earlier claim that the NDC had no evidence. Very refreshing.

    2. Secondly, the dishonorable AG and his NPP media surrogates claim that per their investigations, the secret recording in the custody of the NDC is a recording of a meeting at the residence of a Supreme Court Judge

    This is scandalous!!!!

    I thought Godfred Dame stated publicly in his press release of Thursday, 23rd May, 2024 that he has never met the 3rd Accused to discuss the said trial. This contradiction is very interesting to note. Very very interesting.

    3. If I may ask, who is this Supreme Court Judge that the dishonorable AG and his media surrogates are referring to? Doesn’t he/she have a name? Why are they withholding his/her name?

    4. In any case, why will a Supreme Court judge be so wicked to entrap a whole Attorney General and Minister for Injustice, as Dame will have us believe? For what purpose? Can the dishonorable AG tell us? Can he particularize the alleged entrapment?

    5. It is revealing that the dishonorable AG and his media surrogates now admit that indeed, the 3rd Accused was impressed upon by the AG to answer questions during cross examination in a particular manner, ostensibly to implicate the first Accused. And that the AG actually informed the 3rd Accused of the questions he was going to ask him during cross examination and directed him to answer “No” to some and “yes” to some, just so he can establish his case.

    This is contained in their own planted story oooo. It’s not coming from me. But at least this helps us to know who the Fixed Match Merchants in Ghana’s legal system are.

    6. The self-incriminating publication also reveals that the dishonorable AG communicated with the 3rd Accused directly, knowing very well that he is a represented party in the trial, thereby breaching Rule 13 of the Legal Profession (Professional Conduct and Etiquette) Rules that proscribes a lawyer from communicating with a represented party without the consent of the lawyer of the represented party.

    7. Well, somebody should ask the dishonorable AG whether the said meeting he is talking about is the only encounter he has had with the 3rd accused? Or is it the case that the said Supreme Court judge arranged the other encounters too? I am just asking ooo.

    8. Why will the dishonorable AG throw a whole Supreme Court Judge under the bus just to save his skin?

    There are more issues to be raised but I will end it here for now.

    If you really want to know the true facts of the issue for yourself, treat the planted stories of the dishonorable AG, which are full of half-truths and rumor mongering with utmost contempt. And stay tuned for the NDC’s presser which will put out incontrovertible hard evidence on these matters.

    Until then, somebody should simply advise the dishonorable AG that he cannot spin or dig himself out of this hole. Enfa!



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