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    Mahama doesn’t care about Ghanaians – Former NDC executive

     A former executive of the Tema East Constituency branch of the opposition National Democratic Congress is accusing his party’s flagbearer, former President John Mahama, of being what he described as “unsympathetic” with the plight of Ghanaians.

    In an interview with journalists in Tema on Workers’ Day, Stephen Ashitey Adjei, alias Moshake, said that proof of Mr. John Mahama’s lack of fellow-feeling is evident in the way he has refused to apologize for the perceived maltreatment of Ghanaian workers during his time as president.

     According to him, John Mahama would have apologized profusely to Ghanaians for the “bad treatment he meted out to Ghanaian workers” if he had an iota of humility and respect for the citizenry.

     “The former president after putting public sector employment on hold for the longest period in the history of the Fourth Republic, he also refused to pay the benefits of some who had served in state owned enterprises.

     “And yet, when it came to himself and his family, he doled out huge contracts like nobody’s business, and paid fat ex-gratia to himself. Mahama simply does not care about Ghanaians. What kind of dead goat is this?” Moshake said.

     The comment comes as Mr. John Mahama’s campaign for the 2024 presidential election.

     “For me personally, the proof that John Mahama does not care about workers and Ghanaians in general is both known and felt on personal and general levels. We all know how he stopped the payment of the retrenchment benefits of GPHA ex-workers after President Atta Mills had issued a fiat for them to be paid.

     According to Moshake, Mr. Mahama’s quest to return to the presidency is out of the same sheer selfish desire to return and amass wealth for himself and his family at the expense of the Ghanaian people.

     “Everybody knows that there is no developmental landmark that Mr. John Mahama can achieve in four years if he is re-elected president, and so what else, apart from greed, will make him want to become president again after he had served as MP, deputy minister, minister, Vice President and President?” Moshake asked.

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