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    I’m not like other evangelists who sleep with younger men – Diana Asamoah

    Ghanaian gospel singer Diana Asamoah has taken to social media to address rumors suggesting she is involved romantically with younger men.

    Asamoah clarified that the man seen with her is not a lover but rather a younger brother or family member.

    In her statement, Asamoah emphasized her commitment to serving God alone and distanced herself from practices she believes are contrary to her faith.

    She expressed disappointment at the spread of an alleged video implying an inappropriate relationship, stating firmly, “The man you see me around with is like a brother to me. I don’t engage in those things that my fellow evangelists do; I serve God only.”

    Asamoah’s clarification underscores her unwavering dedication to her religious beliefs amidst public scrutiny.

    Watch video below:


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