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    We won’t tolerate sentimental attachment to nonsense – Prof Gyampo to alumni of UG Halls

    Outspoken Political Scientist with the University of Ghana Professor Ransford Gyampo has said that the University of Ghana will no longer tolerate the sentimental attachment some alumni of the University( who resided in either the Commonwealth Hall or the Mensah Sarbah Hall) have for their former halls of residence.

    He intimated that the University’s measure of removing continuing students of both Commonwealth Hall and Mensah Sarbah Hall is to protect lives and forestall accusations of irresponsibility on the part of the University.

    “We all love the fun of some traditions but we won’t sit down for people’s children to be murdered and be accused of irresponsibility before we act. UG will no longer tolerate some gown up people’s sentimental attachment to nonsense,” he wrote on Facebook.

    Prof Gyampo’s swipe at the alumni of Commonwealth Hall and Mensah Sarbah Hall comes in the wake of protests held earlier today, January 3, 2022 on the Legon Campus of the University against University management over the decision to transfer continuing students of their fomer halls to other halls of residence.


    Residents of Commonwealth Hall( known as Vandals) and those of Mensah Sarbah Hall ( Vikings) have a longstanding rivalry over some indeterminate superiority. The rivalry has led to regular violent clashes on campus, some of which have resulted in injury and the destruction of property.

    In March 2022, violent clashes between the residents caused the University to set up an investigative committee and later have a University Council meeting yet again on how best to deal with the longstanding issue.

    The recent decision to have all continuing students of both halls reside in other accommodation facilities while freshers replace them is one such measures agreed upon by Council to deal with the recurring violence.

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