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    We never banned pastors from giving prophecies – Ghana Police Service

    The Ghana Police Service has denied claims it directed men of God from prophesying on 31st watchnight to usher in the year 2023

    According to the Service, it has no issue with men of God prophesying on the eve of the New Year but it is only concerned about how these prophecies are communicated to the congregants.

    “I believe people read the statement. I believe you would agree with me that the statement didn’t say that, you do agree with me? So the police has no issue with anybody prophesying. Our message was clear, prophesy all you want but do it within the limits of the law. We live in a country with rules and all of us individually and collectively are expected to express our freedoms and rights within the laws and also have respects for the rights and freedoms of other persons and also the public interest”. Director of Public Affairs Department of the Ghana Police Service Superintendent Grace Ansah-Akrofi disclosed

    She continued that, these prophets must also make sure their prophecies do not create unnecessary fear and panic.

    “So if you have a prophecy, prophesy but if it puts me in danger, put my life at risk then I have a concern and the law protects me. As much as you have freedom to express your belief, I also have the right to live dignity as I please”, Superintendent Grace Ansah-Akrofi stressed.

    The Ghana Police Service prior to the end of the in a statement said, “ahead of the 31st December watch night celebrations, the Ghana Police Service on 27th December issued a warning against illegal communications of prophecies.

    The police also entreated the general public, especially prophets and pastors, to be measured in delivering their prophecies”.

    A year ago today, December 27, 2021, the Ghana Police Service drew the attention of the general public, especially members of the religious community to the law regarding the communication of prophecies and urged compliance to the law to ensure continuous security and law and order in the country”, the statement said.

    After the release of the statement, most media outlet reported with the headline, Police ban prophecies”.

    However, speaking on Luv FM in Kumasi in an interview monitored by MyNewsGH.com, the Ghana Police Service categorically stated that, the statement never banned men of God from making prophecies but the emphasis was on how they are communicated.

    “If I do not attend your church, I don’t see how it becomes a basis for your prophecy and you proclaim to the whole world how I’m going to die…. how am going to have an accident  or how something bad is going to happen to”, the police spokesperson noted.

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