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    Kwasi Aboagye replies Kwaku Manu’s ‘Are you wiser than Fadda Dickson’ comment

    Ghanaian broadcaster Kwasi Aboagye has responded to actor Kwaku Manu’s criticism, which was triggered by the media personality’s comments on Afua Asantewaa’s sing-a-thon attempt.

    Recalling the intensity of the actor’s outbursts, Kwasi Aboagye wondered whether they were merely for clout or stemmed from a place of bitterness.

    He said there isn’t the need to wade into just any issue, adding that Kwaku Manu’s rants at that time, were uncalled for.

    In a discussion on the Peace FM Entertainment Review, Kwasi Aboagye stressed the non-objectiveness of Kwaku Manu’s criticism.

    “The things that Kwaku Manu said, were they for clickbait? When I saw the video, I was very disappointed,” he told Arnold and the other panelists in the studio.

    While emphasizing the importance of discretion in delivering criticisms, the Peace FM presenter revealed that he could have disclosed sensitive information about Kwaku Manu’s past marriage, which he had kept confidential for many years.

    “I have a story about Kwaku concerning those days when he and his wife were battling with their marriage in the United States, but, I never thought of bringing it out. There was no need,” he retorted.

    Kwasi Aboagye made these remarks while recounting the numerous attacks he faced when he criticized Afua Asantewaa during the Guinness World Records sing-a-thon attempt held in December 2023.

    Kwaku Manu’s rants

    Following Kwasi Aboagye’s public apology to Afua Asantewaa for attacking her, actor Kwaku Manu lambasted the broadcaster for engaging in such conduct.

    He criticized what he referred to as Kwasi Aboagye’s jealous attitude and questioned whether Aboagye considered himself wiser than Fadda Dickson, the Managing Director of Despite Media. Dickson had awarded funds to Afua Asantewaa in support of the sing-a-thon.

    “In this world, having a father or relative like Kwasi Aboagye, who hinders others’ progress and thrives on bad news, is not easy. It appears he did not mature intellectually alongside his physical growth, remaining envious from infancy to this stage.

    “If someone wishes to contribute to the country, what is the issue? Do you consider yourself wiser than Kwame Despite or Fadda Dickson? Afua went to UTV, and they provided her with a platform. The jealousy exhibited by Kwasi Aboagye seems to stem from the financial support given to Afua Asantewaa by Despite Media and the attention she receives,” Kwaku Manu fumed in an earlier viral video.

    What exactly Kwasi Aboagye said that triggered a backlash from Kwaku Manu

    A few hours before the start of Afua Asantewaa’s singing marathon contest in December 2023, Kwasi Aboagye made headlines with his critical remarks.

    Expressing what seemed like frustration, he urged Afua to cease speaking and focus solely on her attempt to break the record.

    He also commented on her vocal abilities, suggesting that she should avoid interviews and concentrate on improving her voice.

    “You are about to sing for four days, yet, this is how your voice sounds. Even though your voice isn’t nice, let’s put that aside… You need to stay indoors and rehearse properly for this because Hilda Baci did not do ‘try and error’ with her cooking contest. Stay indoors and rehearse and shut up! Keep quiet, you are talking too much,” Kwasi Aboagye stated.

    The controversial comments sparked a backlash with many questioning the appropriateness of such statements.

    The sing-a-thon attempt

    On December 24, 2023, Asantewaa embarked on a mission to break the Guinness World Record for the longest singing marathon. She was the toast of December in GH as she sang for 126 hours and 52 minutes. She initially planned to end on 27th December; however, after consultation with her team, she decided to sing continuously for five days.


    Officials at the Guinness World Records (GWR) in February 2024 announced that Asantewaa’s attempt was unsuccessful. They disclosed reasons she could not achieve the ‘longest singing marathon by an individual’ mark.

    In a response to an email by JoyFM’s Kwame Dadzie probing into the disqualification, the entity stated that Afua Asantewaa’s sing-a-thon attempt was unsuccessful because the guidelines around rest break timings were not met.

    In the statement by the PR Executive for the Guinness World Records, Alina Polianskaya, spotted by GhanaWeb, it was established that these are standard rules that couldn’t have been overlooked.

    “Afua Asantewaa’s sing-a-thon attempt was not successful due to guidelines around rest break timings not being met. These rules are standard across all of our ‘longest marathon’ records. We’ve seen how inspirational it has been for her fans…We wish Afua the best of luck with any future record attempts,” the statement contained.


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